All Day Fashion Extravaganza

This is going to be a very special workshop.  We have a complete treat for you that will certainly take your portfolio to another level.  Let me fill you in:

We will have a professional makeup artist along with an extremely talented hair stylist and a clothing and accessory stylist along with 2 very high fashion models for an entire day of photography.  This is a real team effort on our part to provide something never seen or done before in south Florida.  The clothing provided will be all very high end, the makeup and hair will scream high fashion.  This trio has worked together multiple times with outstanding results.  More details:

*The workshop is limited to 6 photographers

*There will be 2 models

*Each model will have 4 makeup, hair, wardrobe and lighting setups

*At the end we will photograph the models together.

*Each photographer will have 10 minutes with the models each look

*At the end of the day, each photographer will have 9 separate looks.

*Food and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided

COST:  The cost of this workshop is $275.  Yes, there is always a refund policy for your protection. 

Contact me at or call 772-233-5244

It should also be noted that we are not exclusively limited to studio shooting. With the availability of location lighting equipment, this workshop can also take place outdoors.  Weather permitting, we may go outside for some shots if the group chooses to.  

About model releases: (very important)

Click Here for info on model releases

WHAT TO BRING: Camera, lenses ranging from 24mm to 200mm, memory cards, extra camera battery, a tripod, a lightmeter. As an additional "option", you can bring a POCKET WIZARD TRANSCEIVER.  Ownership of a Pocket Wizard is highly recommended but you won't need one as we can provide one for you to use.  If you are unsure of your equipment, just show up and we can help you with your settings.  In reality, you just need your camera and some lense options. Thank you.

Examples of their work and some inspirations.  Photos courtesy of Criss Gomez


And now a few pics of our model that are hot off the press:

Our models:

One of our favorite from the past coming in at 5'9":

And our supermodel coming in at 6'3":